Sunday, January 20, 2013

Again With the Guns

It says..., the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and does not further advise which arms to keep and bear, ergo the statement is all inclusive! And as I have said here before this 2 Amendment was drawn to protect the people from an oppressive government, not for recreational purposes or mayhem. What,does this government fear? It is oppressive, and seeks to avoid the potential for armed reprisal? What is the end game here? As you know, I suspect it is just another opportunity  to reduce our Constitution's obstruction to an autocratic, omnipresent, socialist government! The very Constitution that separates us from failed or failing democracies and republics in the freedoms and liberties it provides it's citizens. Statistics, unequivocally advise gun control is not going to quell violence one iota. It's appalling that once again these liberal Democrats using "The Children", the Newtown tragedy, to further their agenda! And make no mistake their agenda is to subvert our Constitution whenever and however it obstructs that agenda !

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