Friday, January 11, 2013

Perpetuating Deceit, Dissension and Division

Can executive privilege override the Constitution as the law of the land! Joe Biden advises the White House may bypass Congress over gun control, as if it is a given; Barack Obama has evoked executive order on numerous occasions negating the Legislative branch's prerogative to dissent; the Supreme Court has weaseled on decisions affirming the Constitution's prevail; the Judicial branch of our government, in general has succumbed to the whims and dictates of the Executive branch as opposed to their mandate to uphold the Constitution! President Obama and his acolytes indeed envision themselves as unfettered by anyone or anything in their governing. And we the people have given them every reason to think so in our lack of formidable opposition! It's all about President Obama's vision of the United States to be, not that of preserving our founding father's avowed legacy embodied in our Constitution. It's all about politics in Washington D.C these days, all about social reform-, nothing about the preservation of this great nation and it's promise of opportunity, liberty, and freedom for its citizen achievers. What is happening to us? With each new appointment to this new administration's membership I become more frustrated with we the people's impotence to muster organized resistance! Are we giving this President and his Administration carte blanche to destroy us as a nation, as a culture?

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