Tuesday, January 15, 2013

As Patrick Henry Said, "Have Eyes and See Not"

A favorite bromide of mine: Don't inventory your problems, solve them! This Obama administration excels at inventorying problems. They inventory near every vexing problem confronting them until the passage of time has mitigated their relevance and/or consequences, or postponed to such a time when circumstances better serve their strategy of divide and dismiss their prosecutors.Their practice of this strategy is masterful in taking full advantage of our proven short attention span, penchant for all things politically correct and less than a knowledgable appreciation of the fundamentals of our Republic's founding, and the essentials for it's survival! Further assuring the success of this strategy: grass-root application at the seat of the uninformed community, and skilled manipulation of the truth! In turn character assassination of it's messengers-, right out of the Saul Alinsky handbook, "Rules for Radicals"! Problems, left to fester in themselves are the fodder of unrest socially, politically-, nationally, internationally, creating a seedbed for anarchy! The result, burgeoning national disunity; we the people become unfocused, divided as to where our welfare is best served, as a citizen, or as a patriot? Losing sight that they are essentially one in the same here in these United States of America! Again I hark back to the patriotism so passionately displayed by our leaders and founders; their single mindedness in preserving our individual freedoms and liberties at all costs from those who wished us sunder, exemplary! In experiencing first hand the political oppression being dealt our emerging country and their awareness of our european ancestry's political history made their zeal for individual freedom so abundantly clear! Why can't we, their modern day counterparts, in experiencing similar political oppression, act accordingly? Have we become so self absorbed that we can't see the forest for the trees?

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