Saturday, January 19, 2013

There Are Legions

Another voice of division bursts upon the scene to fan the flames of divisiveness, Prof. Robert Jensen proffering White Supremacy, White Privilege, is the root of all our worldly woes? White Americans the worst! The narrative at the risk of over simplification, if you are White you are an oppressor, if you are other than White you are a victim! If that is not in acceptance, even in marginal acceptance, the final straw to break the back of any chance of unity among the races of the world, nothing is! And who is this genius offering up this hypothesis, I urge you to look into this man who advises his students on a daily bases that this imperialistic country of ours (his identification not mine) has used it's military might to secure a disproportionate amount of the worlds resources, that we are despots compounded by our "whiteness", a blight on the landscape of civilization ! This an American educator, at a prestigious American university, probably with tenure, unencumbered by any moral or ethic contractural restrictions, emboldened by the tenor  of this administration and the protection of the 1st amendment ( Oh yes, the liberals just love the 1st amendment when it allows one to espouse the party line with impunity). I'd like to tell you he is among the few, but that doesn't happen to be the case by a long shot!

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