Friday, January 25, 2013

A Week of OMG

Let me get this straight: President Obama , if he can just resolve those pressing issues of Gay rights, abortions, illegal immigration, gun control, global warming and a myriad of other equally pressing social issues in his second term; those other pesky little problems of our nation's pending insolvency, unemployment, a faltering economy, bloated welfare rolls well take care of themselves? And, in the knowledge Timothy Geithner is out but Jacob Lew is in as Secretary of the Treasury our fiscal fortunes will continue to be guided by a tax more/spend more philosophy while promising to stay the course of insolvency, inflation and depression? And let's not forget you, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in being resolute to never having the likes of Benghazi happen again; yet in so many words have not been able to tell us what did happen in Benghazi? And thinking forward in promoting our international prestige and reputation, we are to rest assured in the knowledge that Vice President Biden remains at his post as our expert on foreign policy (remember that's why he was on this presidential ticket in the first place). Now being joined by our sure to be newly appointed Secretary of State, the ever erudite John Kerry, our peerless international policies and relationships of the past four years will be sustained. How reassuring!

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