Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Ryan of Hope

This young Representative from Wisconsin and our resent candidate for the vice- presidency continues to have something to say and purports himself very well in saying  it. He has a comprehensive  plan to restore our solvency and the credentials and experience to backup his fiscal conjectures and postulates, not just another law degreed Washingtonian! At a  resent meeting of conservative activists In Charlotte N.C, Paul Ryan was a standout. He and his conservative cohorts were not cowering in our recent defeat at the polls but were steadfast in promoting conservative principals, rallying our members to the cause of a smaller, less intrusive, more efficient government, more attuned to the electorate's changing demographics, hyper-sensitive to the threatening consequences of insolvency! A while back I asked where are our young lions  ready and eager to take on this formidable socialist regime lead by President Obama.  I'm now perhaps more willing to recognize that there  are  some of them out there putting up the good fight, but obscured by neglect and the din of the liberal media to convince us otherwise. Their incessant rant "the  people have spoken, long live Barack Husain Obama"  had clouded my mind! Now, let all of us pay attention to the fight at hand, these pending budget machinations. We must have  a measure to hold their feet to the fire with. They have been very successful in avoiding the drawing of a budget (unconstitutionally I might add) and blaming the failure on us! Pay attention and let your feelings be known!

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