Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Enough with this racial, cultural and/or color prefix or suffix identification of everyone's person, spoken word, action, or inaction! Latino, Black, Asian, or whatever! It is divisive! That's what makes Americans unique. For the most part our only common denominator is that we are Americans! True our heritages may trace back to origins other than the United States, but in our citizenship we are, or should be Americans first and foremost. We or our forefathers before us, again for the most part-, made that choice of their own free will. By all means be proud of our heritage, but don't use it as a reason to divide us in the best interests of this great country of ours! And yes, in our associations to preserve our heritage's culture, be the hyphenated Americans we chose to be, but always keeping in mind the obligations of being citizens of this representative government of the United States of America-, yet again for the most part, that has been so very good to us all!

I cringe at the tactics of those who obviously think otherwise. That angst most recently peaked in the inauguration of BHO, coinciding with the celebration of MLK Day. One the great divider, the other a great unifier; one who promotes racial and cultural differences for political gain, the other who had a dream of homogeneous racial and cultural equality for all! One who history will certainly see him for what he is, the other for what he was!

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