Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do You Miss Us Yet?

If not you will! As the world turns on it's shaky axis, the middle-east smolders ever closer to conflagration; rabid gangs of thugs savage the African fledgling countries, genocide practiced with impunity; puppet governments feeling their oats in possession of weapons of mass destruction, threaten each other and anyone else who questions their regimes; South American drug cartel's undermine the security of the western hemisphere in their proliferation of opiates; Islamic terrorist tactics, the fanaticism of Sharia Law finding practice and tolerance in western cultures; the US wallowing in debt; China flexing it's economic and military muscle to lend world instability; Russia ever attempting to regain it's former USSR stature to do the same -, all while the United States ponders it's social reformation navel, practicing it's "Lead from Behind" new order of international diplomacy. Ole Teddy Roosevelt's once big stick grown impotent, our once undisputed leadership of the free-world reduced to appeasing democracy's detractors, to speaking softly at the UN to curry favor! This my Socialist, my Globalist, my Progressive advocates are but previews of coming attractions in the absents of US viability as a force to be reckoned with. Your protector, your benevolent benefactor, done in from within! And remember those adversaries from within are working tirelessly to build an insurmountable majority of voters to assure in perpetuity government autonomy (one might substitute the word buy for build in that observation i,e buy through government welfare and entitlements!). We are not just on a slippery slope; we are in a downward death spiral with little potential for recovery unless we get a grip..., and soon!

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