Monday, January 28, 2013

Phil Mickelson's Stifled Cry in the Night

Isn't this Phil Mickelson complaining about his tax situation interesting? Too bad he  backpedaled after liberal backlash, but at least he got it out there...,although the mainstream media has not exactly given it much press. I suppose we just have to bide our time until our president faces yet another crisis he can't handle, exposing him once again for the pretender he is. You'd think sooner or later the preponderance of evidence decrying his incompetence would awaken we the people! Or of course we along with him, can continue to circle the economic drain ignoring our certain fate!

Interesting to note the  NPR did a piece on LeBron James with the amazing claim that at 17 million per year, he is underpaid based on his worth to the franchise.  By their calculations, they estimated that his actual value should place his salary at 40 million dollars per year, stating that he was getting "hosed".  They did mention league parity and competitiveness as an afterthought. An unbelievable example of liberal hypocrisy when they can tout the talents of this athlete, whose worth to society is stuffing a ball through a hoop and hawking sweatbands and sneakers as being worth $40 million and yet they continue to hammer the "rich" overpaid CEOs and hedge fund managers on Wall Street for their exorbitant salaries and simutaneously praise the wonders of Obamacare when the average pediatrician makes $115,000 per year! There is something so basically wrong with this liberal logic that defies comprehension.

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