Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Resolution

Looking back over the years I always felt I was with the majority, the consensus, when it came to facing up to the challenges to my country, to my rights and liberties as a citizen of these United States of America-, today this dawning of 2013, not so much! It was obvious after the so called great depression and the ensuing second great war that the progressive movement in the United States, spawned in the early 1900s, had taken a decided turn to the left. We became fixated on the common welfare, not that concerns over social reform was a bad thing mind you, but to the extent its ensuing zealous political involvement triggered the diminishing of our vitality, our penchant for commercial expansion and growth, for responsible and measured financial expansion and growth-, the blush was taken off individualism, the hallmark of American exceptionalism! The blush I say, not the elimination of; witness our accomplishments individually and nationally hence! So was my patriotism, my confidence in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution as an impenetrable barrier to preserving our American way of life, misplaced? To the extent you and I, in our lethargy took for granted those governing legacies of our founding fathers would sustain our Republic no matter the onslaught of political aspirants for fundamental changes in its rule-, yes! We were asleep at the switch, so bent on taking full advantage of our own liberties and freedoms we neglected to assure the integrity accordingly of our administrators, our governors, our politicians! We allowed them unlike our founding fathers to mitigate the rules of the land, for their own personal gain and those of their constituents-, national interests be damn! I vow this 2013 whether at town meeting, party specific forums, at local, state or federal levels, at candidacy promotion-, to question national implications. A good new year's resolution for us all: Politicians are home grown it's never too early to vet their national intentions, don't let them pander to our self interests alone to garner our favor. From locale Community Organizers Presidents grow!

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