Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Very Thought of Kerry, Hagel and Company

Kerry and Hagel, Secretaries of State and Defense-, if to be, what a comfort to our enemies the world over! Two gentlemen with sterling records of indecisiveness, veterans both of our less-than finest hour, the Vietnam war (thank you for your service). But, political opportunist of questionable service since! I know there are those among us who begrudge our military might, and willingness to use it, not only in defense of our own country but to preserve some semblance of world balance as well. Admittedly not an easy burden to take on and administer, but if not us who? Do any of us remember when war was war? When the grave decision was made to go to war in light of fully appreciating the death and destruction sure to follow, and the unconditional surrender and consequences imposed on the vanquished. When was the last war of that awareness and perceived result.. It was WWII, for the benefit of some of you Baby Boomers and GenX Americans. Since, starting with the Korean War to date, we have been largely, along with reluctant allies for the most part, participants in wars, police action or whatever you choose to call armed conflict, under the auspices of the UN. And we all know how that's worked out: from stalemate, to humiliating retreat, along with a variety of so called strategic withdrawals. We remain unbowed but un-victorious, individually or collectively. Wars of late have been waged and administered by political hacks and dilettantes playing into the hands of the clandestine Progressives and Globalist.Victory is not the imperative any longer, but rather the promotion of a new world order in vague compromising alternatives. And, who better to show us the way than Kerry, Hagel and Company! My depression lingers.

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