Monday, January 7, 2013

Waiting For An Epiphany

My government's Gilbert and Sullivan like cast of operetta characters has me mesmerized in disbelief as I witness their pre-inauguration celebratory posturing: the ever amusing yet sinister court jester, Joe Biden; the overly starched, would be Queen Mother, Nancy Pelosi; the supercilious, self-ennobling John Kerry; the evil little whispering villain Harry Reed; the charming Prince-of-the-Party innocent, Joseph Kennedy III; the professorial Indian guide, Elizabeth Warren; the seemingly befuddled defense advisor Leon Panetta. And we have the POTUS himself and his courtesan Belle Michelle bowing and scraping regally before their adoring subjects. Sound like sour grapes to you, of course it is; shallow and beneath me as well, but there you have it! I'll make a promise to you this 2013, I will try my best to refrain from these unbecoming snarky personal characterizations of my political tormentors-, difficult tho it may be. After all, it's not like they have not provided enough substantive aggravating, mind boggling political fodder to comment on i.e gone without notice the last vestiges of the Reagan tax reform legacy; the progressing implementation of ObamaCare, suggesting no chance of fiscal solvency in our life time; adding to our financial straights the Feds deceitfully masking of our deficit woes in unconventional monitory policies; the Democrat's shameful cry for bipartisanship in light of their demonstrated no compromise agenda; the EPA's blatantly apparent efforts to curtail the exploration and consumption or our abundant fossil fuel resources; nothing being sacred but spending and taxes; Muslim atrocities and religious fanaticism tolerated, at worst mitigated in the name of international brotherhood and religious freedom while Judeo-Christian faiths, their principals and ceremonies are thought subversive when openly practiced; the separation of our three branches of government becoming blurred by partisan politics; pandering to illegal immigrants goes unabated; the chasing of our businesses and money overseas through oppressive regulations and taxation; the marginalizing of our military; our education system hijacked for the worst by the teacher's union; the weakening of our unity as a nation by class distinction, and those right off the top of my head! So many issues to address, so little time! Admittedly, if continuing not to find some glimmer of hope advising we patriots, we constitutionalist-, this generation of Americans are poised to take some definitive action to win our country back from these seditious pretenders, these constitution violators-, this small cry in the dark will abruptly cease to exist. 
Yes, as of this moment your Tom Swift has grown somewhat apprehensive, faint of heart.

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