Friday, September 21, 2012

A Second Term?

Help me out here. Are you telling me President Obama deserves a second term because: Our deficit will be lowered, our budget balanced? Our kids will be better educated at a lower cost? Fewer of our citizens will require government subsistence?
Our economy will be more expansive and faster growing? Our enemies and allies alike will respect us more? We will curtail our foreign aid to those who wish us harm? Our unemployment rate will subside? Our government will be less intrusive? Our median
household income will rise? Our gas prices will plummet? Our taxation in general will be more appropriate and equally shared? Our standard of living will once again be the world's standard? Our dollar will strengthen? Our AAA/positive credit rating restored? Our ensuing four years under an Obama administration will witness the restoration and vigorous enforcement of our constitutional rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness? You do KNOW that is not what he is promising, don't you? In essence what he is saying with an economy of words, is that the lack of his administrations successes thus far, advises an uncorrectable lingering malaise, caused by others, must be tolerate for the foreseeable future (until it miraculously goes away!).There is no FORWARD in his marking-time; more of the same plans for our future. All, while our economy, our way of life, our international prestige slides into an abyss. I tell you, it is amateur hour these days in Washington DC!

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