Saturday, September 8, 2012

What have you come away with?

Let's keep it simple: Now that the RNC and the DNC spectacles have faded from our reveries, what have you come away with? It looks a lot like '08 all over again,wouldn't you say? We are still looking for hope and change! That's what President Obama said he was going to give us back then, and it has come to pass, and resoundingly so, he has not! His retort: he has made significant progress, he just needs more time to get the job done, ergo give him a second term. So, if you believe him: that he has made significant progress toward fulfilling his promises, your choice should be clear. Give him his second term. Right? But, how can you, when the evidence to the contrary is so overwhelming. His, more of the same plans for the future, plans already proven inadequate if not abstract failures in practice is his answer? In that being said wouldn't you have to concede, all things being equal, change as proposed by others of some reputation the alternative, a logical alternative to take!

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