Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Romney's comments on 47% of our citizens being, to one degree or another, on the tax payer's dole! Supposedly perceived as being disparaging to those poor unfortunates listed and damaging to his campaign? What's their point? Face it, it's reality! In fact, our big government goes to great lengths to incite it's citizens to join the ranks of its dependents, its entitlement recipients-, for obvious reasons: their loyalty, their votes! No mystery there! Again history poised to repeat itself.The path:
democracy, to socialism, to anarchy, to revolution, to whatever, and the subterfuge goes on and on. The chain has got to be broken! Romney, as others before him, reminds the
results of this insidious progression. Know, in the annuals of history the United States has protracted the reign of our democratic republic in sustaining its dominant presence
beyond, way beyond, that of it's predecessors (now precariously hanging on to it's remaining remnants!). Don't let these socialist, these politically correct liberals, these whatever detractors to our way of life do us sunder!

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