Sunday, September 9, 2012

Peggy Noonan

Oh Peggy Noonan I think I'm in love.., my sentiments exactly (WSJ Opine 9/9/12)!
She captured the essence of my appraisal of the DNC soiree in Charlotte to the 9's! With her terse gems: Joe Biden is a normal Democrat; John Kerry was on fire " being for it, before he was against it; pegging the DNC atmosphere marked by a kind of soft distracting extremism; noting the resounding "No!" vote on restoring the mention of God and support of the administrations stand on Jerusalem in the party's platform; comparing the Republicans to Nazis; tagging Ms. Fluke the fabulously confident and igneous-seeming political narcissist that she is; Bill Clinton sticking to fluid fictions in his address yet left the glaring specter of both Medicare and Medicaid's true benefits and financing in the scheme of Obamacare unanswered; asking the ominous question, can the Dem's extreme will, along with their bought and payed for public employee constituency carry the day come Nov? Scary!

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