Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harsh, I Know

I'm flummoxed by the apathy and naiveté when witnessing those fawning over this ingratiating, arrogant, smarmy president of ours. I beg of you take President Obama to task for his misrepresentation of events and circumstances, his flaunting of our laws, his misinterpretation of our constitution! His failed legislation and policies. He is an easy and accomplished manipulator, a master at strategic misrepresentation, an unrepentant liar ( harsh I know!), confident his thought to be charisma, oratorical skills, street smarts, his affirmative action pass, will cover his insincerity, his incompetence, while progressing his socialist doomsday scenario for the United States! Please don't except anything he says at face value, listen for those double entendres, those unsubstantiated projections based mostly on pure conjecture, his dismissal of history's painful lessons. As a nation, I contend we have never seen a more un-American American President than Barack Hussain Obama, the antichrist of all things American once was! Again, harsh I know, but this is no time to mince words!

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