Monday, September 10, 2012

Are We Sheep?

Although Clint Eastwood has gone on record saying," President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people". I had to ask myself, if so, how could that happen? We are not a bunch of sheep, we Americans! And then, in asking the question, it dawns on me, we are not the American's of our forefathers, and far removed from the so called Greatest Generation! And therein lies the rub, we have lost our edge, our collective strength, our cohesiveness as Americans, that cohesiveness that once made us exceptional. Our great melting pot has coalesced into diverse factions through political herding, making us less inclined to put our nation ahead of our own personal self interests! Entitlements, have unquestionably fermented the process; a large unwieldy omni- presence government has created a public sector that has mismanaged the country's revenues, natural and human resources to the point of a suspected hidden, intentional political subversion. We have become a governmentcentric populous so divided among ourselves we have lost our once indomitable majority to address our national and international interest with strength and conviction! Back to our Constitution I say, and quickly! It alone speaks faithfully in the voice of our forefathers! I fervently believe it can and will restore us if practiced passionately and

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