Thursday, September 13, 2012

Embassy Tragedies

The ravaging of our embassies in Egypt and Libya: Is this a teachable moment or what? The question what is it teaching us: that our foreign polices of appeasement, atonement and financial aid, thought to be retribution, is paying off for us; that the
Muslims do not see us as infidels, either to be converted to Islam or killed; that the vast majority of Muslims are law abiding (other than Sharia Law that is); that a nuclear armed
Muslim state poses no threat to non-Muslim nations; that they see the United States or anyone else for that matter capable of thwarting their religious fanaticism? Have another
glass of cool-aid! Admit it, our Kumbaya Foreign Policy, taken to extreme by our President, The Master- Appeaser, The Great-Equalizer, is a total disaster and may ferment a catastrophic international event if not changed!

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