Friday, September 14, 2012


Most disturbing, President Obama appears to get a "free get out of jail pass", when the preverbal buck stops at his desk, both nationally and internationally. His snub of Israel gets a pass. His entertaining the Muslim Brotherhood, our avowed enemy gets a pass. Even his failure to pass a budget got a pass. His dismal deficit and unemployment numbers gets a pass. His near every faux pas and debacle appears to some how get a pass. In these latest attacks on our embassies and the killing of one of our ambassadors, he appears to be getting a pass. It's always of someone else's doing, or fault. I wonder if a mushroom cloud appeared over the middle-east, he would get a pass as well? But, it will all work out fine this time around we are assured. Because? "The White House condemns the actions as outrageous". Boy, now that's strong language! I bet the Ayatollahs are shaking in their boots! Maybe things are changing for
the better, ya think?

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