Sunday, September 16, 2012

Embassy Atrocities

It would appear we are more focused on Governor Romney's more presidential and forcefully response to the Egyptian and Libyan embassy atrocities, then that of our President's lack of a timely and appropriate response! Odd that the Democrats can
comment at will on a Republican administration's foreign policies and actions and deem it their patriotic duty! Yet, when a Republican does it, it is viewed as usurping the
President's prerogatives and damaging our international image(what image?!). Don't we recall the near seditious and endless rhetoric voiced from the so called loyal opposition
during our other desert encounters from a no-less stellar Democratic than Harry Reed, Speaker of the House (we lost the war before we won it!). Further back, Senator John Kerry labeling our soldiers pillagers and rapist during the Vietnam War! This is not a question of a double standard, it's a question of no standard at all, of journalistic and political malpractice!

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