Monday, September 17, 2012

An Elaboration On The Foregoing If Pursued Separately

You might ask: Why has the United States become the longest lived internationally influential, dominate super power that it is today? How have we survived beyond the foretold 200yr. precedent of our predecessor's? My Theory: land mass, a highly diversified populous and an ocean surround. Simply we were not piled on top of one another in our maturation. We originated from multi nationalities, multi cultures, we spoke in many tongues, we came from near every walk of life, practiced most all religions-, all to agglomerate in an isolated place to fend for ourselves; essentially unchallenged by adjacent competing cultures, societies, political regimes. As a result, difficult to herd by any one dominate "shepherd" or another! We were collectively mongrels coexisting in a new world-, our only common bond, we were all Americans, sought to be, and thought better off for it!
So what has changed? Again my theory, we are devolving, going back to our ancestral, cultural, and society preferences through political culling, in the process losing our cohesiveness as Americans! Class warfare waged by unscrupulous politician's amassed in Washington DC has weakened that common bond. We have become a new brand of hyphenated Americans: rich ones, poor ones, black ones, white ones, brown ones, handicapped ones, white-collar ones. blue-collar ones, young ones, old ones, urbane
ones, suburban ones, etc. etc. We have been categorized/splintered by every imaginable difference in our appearance, our preferences, our geography, our age, our
what have you. All for the expressed purpose of diminishing or garnering our resolve for pure political reasons, sans national best interest! We have been led to believe our differences are best served when we unite in those differences, segregate and compete with those we differ from! The ole divide and conquer double edge sword, a political manipulation! That is what just happen in Europe, in it's EU model i.e separated by nations in that instance, but essentially politically and monetarily controlled by a central government. In theory thought to be emulating the success of the USA! What its planners left out of that equation: our American democratic republic is ruled by a constitution that affords it's citizenry as a whole inalienable liberties and rights, and we are by that citizenship all Americans. You can see in that oversight how it is working out for those EU members! My point, our strength lies in preserving our unique "Democratic Representative Republic", it is that amalgamate that has given us our longevity, that cohesiveness, that is being threatened by this Obama administration!

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