Monday, September 17, 2012


Our current administration has the audacity to try an convince us these atrocities committed against our embassies, our government and civilian employees, our military, our citizens at large are spontaneous isolated incidences! That these occurrence's close
proximity to 9/11 is coincidental, is ludicrous! What do they take us for, blithering idiots? When are we going to get it through our thick heads a vast number of Muslims are organized and committed to do us harm, we the Great Satin, as they so fondly call us! Aren't we all embarrassed, enraged by our inaction, watching our flag being desecrated our President's image defaced, stomped on and burned by an ugly mob of fanatical ingrates; depriving our military the right and means to defend themselves, all while our President, our Secretary of State, proffers excuses for the offenders actions, amidst weak-kneed superfluous rhetoric of feigned outrage! What has become of us!

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