Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Clinton At The DNC

Everyone is hanging on tenterhooks waiting for the past, impeached President William Jefferson Clinton to address the DNC, to pontificate on the state of the nation; to set the tone for the reelection of President Barack Obama! Give me a break! Isn't this the same "Slick Willy" the consummate womanizer, the husband of Hillary the would be president, that railed on Barack Obama's incompetence, his lack of record, his unworthiness to be President of the United States ( as did he! ), the same President who violated an intern, in the oval office no less, yet claimed "I never had sex with that woman"; who not only was impeached, but had his license to practice law revoked? Is that who our Democrat brethren is going to roll out as a paragon of Democrat values and Ideals?

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