Friday, September 7, 2012


Have you been watching the DNC, if you haven't you should be! Move over Joseph Goebbels, Eva Peron, Fidel Castro, Obama and his legions have written a new chapter in practicing mass psychology in virulent propagandizing (not in substance mind you, but in inflammatory rhetoric!). Hardly a word spoken to the issues facing our nation, save for noting: what has been said by the opposition branded as lies and/or distortions!
What we got was a constant rant on the woes of the perceived oppressed: workers being victimized by tyrannical Industrial capitalist, the rich reaping the gains of the underclasses while not paying their fair share of taxes, women being denied their rightful place in society as well as their thought to be fundamental gender liberties,government being curtailed from bringing equality to the masses, emigrants unfairly set upon in their redefined illegal-legal status, those greedy bankers poised to foreclose on your home at the slightest provocation, minorities stifled by the majority, government portrayed as the final solution to all our nation's trials and tribulations! And, let me not forget Bill Clinton (touted to be the most popular President of our time!) taking full credit for his budgetary expertise and management during his second term while making no mention Congress sets the budget, which at his time was Republican, lead by Speaker Newt Gingrich! The coup de grace, President Obama himself extolling his constituency in revival prose and oration to give him four more years to continue his quest. That quest in my mind, bringing this great nation of ours to it's knees! God help us. 

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