Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Good Guys

I always found solace, advantage if you will in the feeling we "good guys" were in the majority and that the sheer weight of our will would and could prevail when push came to shove! Further, that we are far from the tipping point i.e between we, the private sector employed, tax paying, self sustaining individualist, America first (albeit shrinking)
schlubs, and those public sector employed, entitlement advantaged, me-firstcounterparts; even when combined with career welfare recipients and their politically correct enablers. Now I'm not so sure! I'd like to think my doubts can largely be attributed to being fully immersed in effective propagandizing by the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, the East Coast Intellegencia! But, I am beginning to wonder! Could it
be that this once great nation of ours has run it's course, that Mark Steyn's premonitions of dire things to come, will indeed come to pass! If so, at least my age advises I will not have to witness this self destructiveness play out much longer! What a
shame it would be, to have this long lived most beneficial and benevolent, most diverse selfless society ever, forsake it's democratic principals, the rule of its above reproach
constitution; abdicate its world leadership roll to others of known ulterior motives and
dubious conduct! 

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