Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shallow Tom

I want to respond to a recent question... "You (Tom Swift) appear to dislike Pres. Obama beyond his politics. Why is that?"

Admittedly I'm near totally distracted alone by my dislike of President Obama's public persona. It's the way he carries himself, his supercilious demeanor, that strutting gait of his, his preachy oratory; exacerbated when he tries to project a conciliatory, humble, man-of-the-people veneer-, even his well rehearsed military salute when entering and leaving his Marine helicopter puts me off! Shallow, I know. However in combination with his rhetoric, his polices, his proposed legislation, his leadership (or lack of ), I reel in I believe justifiable contempt and disbelief! If it's any consolation to you Democrats, you liberals, I have the same problem with Bill O'Reilly's smarmy presentation as well, but then again Bill O'Reilly is not my president!

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