Monday, October 29, 2012

Who Are Our Sentinels?

Who are our sentinels, those guarding and protecting our country's great diverse  citizenry as a whole? Who with out bias is looking out for our best interest; who will tell us the truth, no matter how it might hurt; who will stand tall in our defense, be relentless in defending our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Trite I know-,but who? Certainly not our elected officials who are our legislators, or our judiciary who are appointed by those elected officials. Who then? The news-media perhaps, those of supposedly unshakable journalistic integrity...,surely you jest! Again,who? The scary truth, as demonstrated of late, no one! It is up to us my fellow citizens to shut out the din of bias, of prejudice, of self interest, of political party affiliation, and think solely of what is for the good of this great country of ours! We must secure this place where our freedoms were once above reproach, where our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness could be practiced unheeded by detractors of a contrary ideology. We must hark back to the days of our founders when those rights/truths were self evident and assure their preservation. May God and country guide you come this November 6th election day!

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