Friday, October 12, 2012

Feisty Joe

OK what is it, Feisty Joe Biden that you don't understand about your loyal opposition being so irate over our President being unresponsive while our Libyan ambassador and Consulate were under hours of attack by Muslim terrorist left swinging in the wind? That our President and his Secretary of State falsely advised the American people it was a spontaneous demonstration instigated by an American movie maker besmirching the deity of Allah (in it's self an atrocity!). And again Feisty Joe what is it that you don't understand about us being broke: 16 trillion dollars in debt, and our spending goes unabated, borrowing 40% of every dollar we spend along the way! Put away your violin playing Feisty Joe, fawning concern over the wards of the state's lot in
necessary budget cuts, we are all going to have to tighten our belts, that goes for the young, the old, the indigent, the infirm, the rich, the poor to get us out of this hole you
and your President have so prodigiously dug! If not Feisty Joe, if we don't mend our ways, our legacy to the world, to our citizenry will forever be indelibly written in the
misdeeds of the Obama/Biden administration!

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