Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Reuters' reported it in the morning, President Obama confirmed it that evening: Governor Romney was to blame for the Bangladesh Embassy terrorist attack and the subsequent killing of our ambassador (they didn't say directly responsible mind you, but no question implied he precipitated it!). If that doesn't tear it for you Obama supplicants, I don't know what will! This President of ours is not only incompetent but a prefabricator of the first water, of epic Pinocchio proportions. In his every word he avowed his inaction, his coverup of this atrocity as prudent, appropriate and presidential. His defense of his failed foreign policy: Ben Laden is dead and our soldiers are coming home! I'll give him that: Ben Laden is indeed dead, but other than saying,...."Okay,go ahead and do it", his participation at best was meager; as for bringing our soldiers home from another non-war, they are coming home alright, unbowed but not victorious. And least we forget, although Ben Laden is dead his Jihad lives on. The world views President Obama's America as impotent in both it's strengths and weaknesses!

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