Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keep Our Country Moving Forward

The ad's copy reads ...give me your vote and we will keep our country moving forward...we've come too far to turn back! Have you ever! Even if Governor Romney wins this election, if he doesn't win it in a landslide, my concerns over America's direction will remain suspect. President Obama has got to be a bitter disappointment to his most ardent supporters; a more damaging influence on our country's well being then his worst detractors! Are they! His gaffs, his errors in judgement, his divisiveness, his subversion has tainted our political landscape like no president before him. And here in the waning hours of his first term presidency he has become a maniacal candidate for reelection with no scruples, scurrilously demeaning everything and anybody obstructing his path back to the White House. What perhaps bothers me most: I have been lead to believe a vast majority of Americans don't judge this president and his administration's performance that harshly. Saying: they really don't care about what happen to our embassies in Egypt and Libya; our 16 trillion dollars in debt and seemingly being on the road to Greece; this regime's aversion to our constitution; their tolerance for anarchy; the loss of our international leadership and prestige! More chilling their appraisal that this president and his administration, the democrat party's slate of candidates for the 2012 elections, in promising greater government entitlements and subsidies, greater regulation of our free enterprise system; assuming a lessor roll in international leadership is more appealing and compelling to their wants and needs than those of their counterpart conservative republicans! Implying, that the conservative republican message of dire consequences if we don't curb our excesses; have greater conviction and commitment to our free-world leadership, is falling on deaf unresponsive ears. The election going in our favor is in jeopardy! I can't believe what I'm hearing.

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