Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tom Swift Full Throttle: An Overview

It is interesting to note that the liberals (the progressives, the socialists, the Marxists, the left-wingers or whatever that bunch of disconnected boobs are calling themselves) continue to use Obama's lead in recent Massachusetts election polls, some as high as 20%, as a counter to Romney's assertion that he was a success as Governor of the Bay State. His record of reducing the Medicaid rolls, establishing a healthcare plan, a number one ranking in education, and balancing the budget are all cast aside by Massachusetts voters in favor of yet another blind pull of the Democrat lever. What is wrong with New England, where only New Hampshire stands alone as independent thinkers? Perhaps it's that Live Free or Die license plate. And this remains all the more perplexing given their current Obama clone: Governor Duval Patrick. In a matter of months in office he managed to demonstrate a reverse Midas touch, turning Romney's surplus to deficit and restoring the entitlement state back to its former glory. But we have seen this time and time again. Witness the current state of Ohio. Obama leads in the polls and yet Ohio is, under their conservative Republican Governor, enjoying the lowest unemployment rate of any swing state due largely to fiscal conservativism and traditional Republican policies. Why isn't that evidence enough that conservative policies work, evidence that would lead Ohio voters to support the Republican challenger for the presidency? Further evidence of mass hysteria is the Massachusetts Senate race between Scott Brown and the Cherokee warrior princess Elizabeth Warren. Now Brown is about as center as a Republican can get, the kind of Republican that makes most conservatives wince. He votes the party line as often as not. And yet Warren, she of dubious Native American ancestry, peculiarly the only non- Ivy league undergrad educated professor at Harvard, the candidate exposed and obliterated in the debates by Mr. Brown, continues to lead in the polls.

Maybe the American public is atoning for past sins. If they vote for the woman, the native American, the African American, the candidate that represents the disenfranchised, they can set the record straight, rewrite history for the better. Or maybe we are returning to our roots. Maybe we want to be more like Europe. Despite all their ailments, Europe is cool. Europe has history. Europe has attitude. Europe dresses better. Or maybe its something simpler. Maybe entitlements and socialist policies have produced a kind of reverse Darwinism. Maybe we are just plain stupid.

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