Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Embassy Debacle

How many bodies can our President throw under the bus to avoid any culpability in these embassy debacles? Obviously his faithful Kamikaze contingent are up to the sacrifice of reputation and political life! I keep asking my self, what are they seeing in
this President that I am not? How can they not see his feet of clay, see through his thin veneer of deceit and subterfuge? Is it just personal taste in appearance and manner, or just blind adherence to a political party's doctrine (whatever that might be)? Believe me I have tried to engage my friends of political persuasion other than mine, to tell me what is it?! Their logic or lack of, astounds me. Their admiration is simplistic, not unlike that of Sanchez, Don Quixote's serf; his retort to criticism of his master...." but I like him"! He is their President, their candidate for a second term and they like him! Damn his disastrous record, his lies, his gaffes, his impropriety, his ineptness .....but they like him. Man, party, above the country! Unbelievable!

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