Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Warning to Paul Ryan

Look out for snarky Joe Biden Paul Ryan! He is fully capable of lying in the grass and ambushing you. Facts have never deterred our Vice President from mounting a 13 diatribe of misinformation, of false accusations; fawning irate indignation for imaginary
affronts, evoking the privilege of his office, his years of public service, his " Mr. Everyman" persona to his advantage. He is a wily old veteran not to be taken for granted. He will not attempt to match your budget crafting expertise, but try to get you to engage him in political nuances where he can portray you as a young, inexperienced, heartless number cruncher out to do in the middle class, the children, the old, the indigent, the infirm, through perceived extreme budget cuts! Don't let him get off message for a second! In a no-holds-barred street fight, you are overmatched!

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