Saturday, October 20, 2012

Recurring Queries and Thoughts

In my frustrating attempts to fathom President Obama's appeal to the electorate, I find myself again quoting Don Quixote's faithful companion Sancho, in mollifying his masters distorted perspective on life, and his unattainable quests with the simple retort, "...but I like him. Is Barack Obama's appeal simply that, for the man, as opposed to his leadership qualities, his integrity, his accomplishments, his intelligence? I'm to gather, in person, when out of the limelight he is a most affable, well-met man However, most of us see him on camera when performing in public, right? In that, what is there to like: His preacher-like, halting speech pattern, his jerky bobble-head robotic body language, his smarmy condescending attitude? What? Okay their is no accounting for personal taste, I'll give you that. But, their has got to be more than just that, does a president make? It has got to be his politics, his party affiliation that garners the majority of his attractiveness, his support, wouldn't you say? And to me, that is the most scary prospective of all, for today's Democrat party lead by Barack Obama, is committed to Socialism lock-stock-an'-barrel, right out of the Cloward and Piven's playbook of social reform. Who with but a modicum sense of government and history would wish that on us? Again I say God help us!

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