Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vice Presidential Debate

Aggressiveness should never be interpreted as intelligence! Joe Biden a glaring example of that potential misconception. "Engage your brain before you open your mouth", my mother use to say. In Vice President Biden's case that would be a near impossibility. Ol' Joe has no filter for fact or fiction, no sense of proportion, no foresight of consequences he just fixates on making a point and although quite often loses his train of thought, merely intensifies his vitriolic rhetoric and plows ahead! He personifies the school yard bully that when provoked, an obvious easy thing to do, is in your face in a flash with threatening bluster and carnage! Is Joe Biden a bad guy, I really don't think so. He is just a political hack that has ridden his aggressiveness, his political savvy right into Number One Observatory Circle! Scary to think this man is but a heart beat away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

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