Monday, October 22, 2012

They Like Him?

Hugo Chaves doesn't like America on several levels, but likes our President.The Ayatollahs don't like America and everything it stands for, but like our President.The Arab Brotherhood detests the American way of life, but likes our President. The Palestinians don't like America for our surmised affinity for the Jews, but like our President. Putin demonstrates his dislike for America every chance he gets, but likes our President. Moanmar Kadafi didn't like America but liked our President (you see where that got him!). Let me not forget Rev. Jeremiah Wright who fundamentally damns America for its alleged mistreatment of African-Americans among other-things, but likes our President! And there is Bill Ayers the communist terrorist bomber who hated America but liked our President! Does that not tell you something? "Leading from behind" has become a popular metaphor for our President's foreign policies, but I ask from behind who? This administration's professed commitment to identify America's enemies from within, and if need-be prosecute them to the full extend of the law, but I ask who might they be! In our President's demonstrated perspective I remain skeptical.

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