Thursday, October 18, 2012


President Obama's obsession with everyone getting their fair share of the American dream, as he puts it, is subterfuge in it being fundamental to his redistribution of wealth intentions. A strategy essentially bent on creating victims, victims of real or perceived crimes perpetrated by our Democratic Republic against its citizenry, for the explicit purpose of fermenting unrest and dissension! Knowing, a country divided by it's differences is susceptible to the promised entitlements of socialism, his ultimate objective! Anarchy must be in the air to sponsor change; to be receptive to becoming a ward of the state; to trade socialism's implied economic equality for all, for personal self determination of social and economic gain to none! Is this what we want for our country? His rants are always divisive, never uniting! How often must we hear those rich white guys, those homophobes, those hawks, those fossil fuel promoters, those concerned with  illegal emigration, those antiabortionist, those Second Amendment proponents, those conservatives, are the bane of our existence-, our American way of life. Please!

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