Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Second Debate

Ugh......that was ugly from the start. I thought President Obama was petty, snarky, condescending, and generally obnoxious. Credit Romney for venturing into the lion's den and keeping his cool. After it became apparent that Obama's tactic was attack and he was allowed to ignore his own record I all but bailed out. Crowley was a disgrace. I cannot fathom how a four year performance that included two years of carte Blanche democrat control of congress can be disregarded, whilst attention is diverted to a criticism of a Romney plan that has not even been implemented, despite his record of success in the private sector. In the business world Obama would be fired for failure to perform, and the board would not base its consideration of extending his failed policies on criticism of the successful resume of an applicant for his position. I just don't get it. The liberal news outlets are all trumpeting an Obama victory. I fail to see any clear cut winner In a 90 minute argument that can be summed up with exchanges that amounted to: "you're a liar, no you are distorting the facts, no you are." Not a very educational dialogue. Alas I still have my fears that our failed President is going to get back in. If so we are on the road to Europe when we reach the point of basing our decision on such relative non-issues as abortion, undocumented illegal aliens, and free contraception. If the democrats win this election they will have successfully diverted our attention from what is important and will lead the sheep to slaughter. Yes, I fear that we, as a nation, have become that stupid.

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