Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm Back!

I'm back, irked and chagrined to no end , but back!  I've heard the, "I told you so" 'til hell won't have it! I'm disenchanted with political friend and foe alike who fail to appreciate what they have just witnessed, or worst actually were accomplices in this miscarriage of democracy! Goodbye America, your day of promise and prosperity to all has been eclipsed! Your countrymen have sold you out! For what, totally escapes me! To focus my wrath: I have a friend who has said to me on more than one occasion, the problem with you Conservatives, you Republicans in general, you have forgotten how to address the wants and needs of the people! My response, what people might they be: those who have been bought and payed for with food stamps, entitlements -, through one form or another of the government dole, or those whack jobs forever championing the perceived disenfranchised for every contrived slight or insensitivity, demanding government retribution! That's the problem you boobs, don't you understand? There are more of them than there are of us! And there ranks are swelling with each passing day! They are all want and take, no give! Let's face it, we've past the tipping point. What is most frightening, the "givers" (that's us) have to go bust before the "takers"(that's them) realize the trough is empty, and take to the streets in mayhem, giving us yet more grief! Then what?The trouble is that we ninnies, mostly associate with the makers of this country not the takers, consequently are near oblivious to their insidious self serving tactics and strategies. To reason with them is an exercise in frustration, we just proved that this Tuesday past! So, NO I'm not going to go away, at least not just yet, but stay right here and bear witness to your folly; remind you every chance I get what you've done to our country! You'll all rue the day you deprived generations of Americans to come, the opportunity to experience the American dream; the world to benefit by its free-world leadership and benevolence!

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