Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Friend Larry

My friend Larry persists it's the message we are sending and who is sending it, that is the Conservative/Republican Party's failings with the electorate. He sights Ronald Reagan's successes of over 20 years ago as his example of the right message and the right messenger. And let me say I agree with him, to a point. At that time it was the right message and the right messenger, no doubt!The caveat, at that time, is where our differences lie! This time, is a vastly different time on so many levels, to attempt a comparison would be futile! My friend's retort, so adjust your message and choose your messenger accordingly. Easier said than done I contend! As my previous blogs have alluded to on this subject: the demagoguery of intervening administrations; the demographics of our nation, of the world, have so drastically changed; social and political differences grown so sharply delineated to defy comprehension! Again his retort, "so stop your whining and adjust"! The question how do you adjust and maintain your principals, morals, patriotism and integrity -, your freedoms, when your opposition is so seemingly diametrically opposed to them and committed to the gains in self-service. Yet again, the surmised worn ethereal retort, "just adjust will ya"! Please tell me how you do that? Yes, I suppose we Conservatives could dress in Liberal clothing and try on subterfuge, division, and deception for size, but I for one wouldn't know how to do that! A little to much of the Patrick Henry spirit in me I suppose. History tells us Freedom can only be gained by fighting for it! Tell me, show me, how to fight for it in this malaise of socialism and patriotic indifference-,this side of civil war that is! I get the yips just thinking about it!

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