Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Beat Goes On!

John Kerry for Secretary of Defense: John Kerry of infamous Swift-boat fame; John Kerry who labeled our Vietnam soldiers rapist and pillagers; John Kerry the JFK wannabe, the fabricator of heroic daring do; John Kerry who married his way to fame and fortune; John Kerry of legislative conviction, demonstrated in his oft quoted gaff ... "I was for it before I was against it"....., that John Kerry!? Obviously Massachusetts is considered a bottomless pit of Liberal/ Democrat talent! A bottomless pit I'll give them that! How is it Liberal/Democrats can demonstrate great feats of impropriety, immorality, indiscretion and incompetence yet survive to "serve" another day? I guess Massachusetts' record of convicted, jailed, disbarred, felon Speakers of the Massachusetts House of Representatives is testament to all, of the state's ability to not only tolerate but nurture politicians of great national Democrat party potential!

And yes I continue to roil in the events of the week past. Four more years of failed policies, of a President no longer hindered by re-election: facing a shift in the makeup of the Supreme Court, an attack on the Second Amendment, further attacks on the productive 5% of us, redistribution of wealth, and one-sixth of our economy handed to the government in the form of Obamacare! Our only hope appears to be Armageddon... or in an ironic twist, maybe "climate change" and rising seas will claim those fanatics on our coasts!

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