Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You're the odd man out!

Is it not disturbing to you to find out, not only is our country color biased, but if you are not of color, or perceived not of color your chances of ever being considered for the presidency of this country is all but nil! This election past unequivocally sent that message loud and clear! Those of supposed color, any color other than white, overwhelmingly voted for the candidate of color! Principals, integrity, honor, credentials and country trumped by color! How American! And does anyone think this preference can be quelled? Think again, in this trend sustaining, the key to elected office is going to be primarily dependent on the demographics of the electorate's makeup! Crudely said by many but factually true, those of non-color are being statistically out bred, in turn disadvantaged at the polls for no other reason than their non-color. Just think of it 70% of our population that might aspire to elected public office are potentially going to be handicapped merely because they are not of color! Does that seem right to you? Some may say the tide has finally turned in their favor, but can they say for the better? If these past four years are indicative of this color bias, I for one think not! With this administrations push for amnesty, Puerto Rico statehood, and a host of relaxed immigration laws the die, in my estimation, is all but cast. Perhaps those of you not of color should band together to better promote your interests-, a NAAWP association like..., or might that be considered too racist!

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