Monday, November 19, 2012

Am I getting old or what?

What is it with these gaudy displays of thought to be notable achievement? What triggered this observation? A picture of General's Petraeus and Eisenhower side by side; Eisenhower with but three ribbons, Petraeus bedecked with medals, ribbons and every trinket of memorabilia ever known to the military! For all the world looking like the second coming of Napoleon ( his "costumer" most have spent hours pining and aligning his gaudiness) ! And while I'm at it: what of our police officers following suit, bedecked with ribbons as well; and what about our football players who must have their names blazoned across their jerseys and their elaborate choreographed celebrations for just doing their job; basketball players in kind, who must hang on the rim to prolong their dunking adulation! It is not good enough their rank, their often over the top financial reward, their just making the team, their credentials and statistics recorded for posterity, their endless rolls and halls of fame enough? When did modest recognition of accomplishment, expressed gratefulness of God-given physical attributes, mental acuity and talent get supplanted with these showy displays of" look at me bravado"! And don't get me started on our entertainers with their attention getting antisocial antics, behavior and performances. Admittedly this "Pop" culture of ours drives me to distraction! And again admittedly my age has something to do with it I know, but by no stretch of the imagination do we not appear to be on the brink of a moral chasm? To be "cool" or be gone, the excepted norm of the Baby Boomers and GenX and flaunted at every opportunity; to be in your face with every perceived provocation and/or Kodak moment offends my sensibilities! Where has civility and modesty gone, I miss it so! Maybe I'm more depressed over this election past than I thought!

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