Friday, November 2, 2012

You Missed My Point...

I Was Exposing a Pipe Dream!

I asked a while back (October 29, 2012): who are our nonpartisan sentinels to guide us through this political malaise, this political labyrinth.Your response was predictable but the magnitude of that response took me aback. You told me who your sentinels are: The New York Times, The Heritage Foundation, the Wall Street Journal, Rush Limbaugh, Chris Mathews, even Harry Reed and Google if you can imagine, and combinations there of, to name but a few among the many you identified as bonafide sources of truth, purveyors of light! Essentially missing or making my point! So I ask again being more specific this time: who is the one, the  most trusted nonpartisan source we can turn to when flummoxed by conflicting political rhetoric, when attempting to authenticate the veracity of proffered facts and fictions? Spin has become an art form. It's practitioners can manufacture a plausible scenario to suit any situation, and support it with seemingly equally plausible conjecture. By those Spinners' standards, the question to be answered is not what reality-, what facts will best confirm or refute a position, but rather what support do you want to lend to your perceived reality! Let me pose some examples: did Elizabeth Warren work on behalf of the victims of mesothelioma or the insurance company trying to minimize their liability, is she really  part Cherokee or not, did she gain professional advantage by her claim that she was; while at Bain Capital had Governor Romney decimated more floundering companies in aggressive profit harvesting than righting them; is President Obama a committed Socialist, if not a Communist and why won't he revel his academic record; what really happen or didn't  happen in Benghazi; did President Obama save the auto industry or just their unions; the Iranians are close /are not close to having atomic weaponry; the Iraq's did or didn't have weapons of mass destruction; Attorney General Holder was or wasn't implicated in the Mexican gun debacle; the Pakistani's did or did not harbor Ben Laden; of the Arab states who we send millions to for apparently their unrelenting hatred, wouldn't they be willing to do it for nothing; is global warming fact or fiction; can our republic recover from a sixteen trillion dollar deficit, if so how and when; etc, etc? These  question and their ilk are posed ad infinitum, in turn denied, reaffirmed, elaborated on ad nauseam. But those basic questions, those same statements of fact or fiction, those same accusation's validity never really get resolved to anyone's full satisfaction! Their affirmation, their denial, a continuum  in an alternative reality for us to pounder, to believe or not believe, because their is no arbiter, no authority we can trust, no fact-checker whose findings are perceived above reproach. I propose we identify  an official: Office of the National Fact Checker, someone solely responsible for determining the validity of any public officials claims of propriety or the impropriety of  others, a sort of truth-in-politics arbiter, if you will. If President Obama can have his czars we the people surely can have our own truth detector!  Some one who has that unquestioned certification of authority to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth by the powers vested in him or her by we the people of the United States of America: our Chief Arbiter of Truth in Politics, our truth-detector! Wouldn't that be grand? Fat chance!

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