Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Now Brown Cow!

How now brown cow? With every conceivable dirty trick, slight of hand, manipulation of the truth, sowing of disinformation and discontent been played, what dire spell can this administration attempt to cast over the electorate to save their regime in this their 11th hour? Or in honor of this Halloween give up the ghost and admit they made a horrible mistake and join their fellow Americas in giving Governor Romney an undeniable mandate to lead this nation of ours back to the prominence it so richly deserves! As this embassy embarrassment continues to unfold; our nation's debt soaring unabated; our taxation and unemployment withering our sprite and ambitions, I for one would revel in them joining our ranks in the promise of resolving our less than national issues that seem to separate us in a true conciliatory atmosphere of compromise and cooperation. A little Kumbaya there I know, but wouldn't it be worth a try considering the alternative?

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