Thursday, November 29, 2012

...while we fiddle!

Never once did I suspect there was a seditious movement within our country to fundamentally change it's governing principals-, not even when President Obama said it ("....fundamentally transform America"). But here we are in the process! Worst, like sheep we are standing by and letting it happen. Apparently all that was needed to bring this sedition to the light of day was the catalyst, Barack Husain Obama! Can our Republic survive this movement in tact, our founding Constitution remain the rule of the land, our people assured of their freedom and liberties? Why were we so naive in not seeing it coming?I blame it all on the career politicians! Their was never meant to be a Career Politician, it was a career created by our lethargy in demanding a growing need for public servants to tend to our thought to be required governing practices.That insatiable need breed a servant mentality aspiring to specialize and unionize, so to speak, to expand its ranks and influence in those practices through a hierarchy, a pecking order to being the leader of the servants: the ultimate leadership roll, the Presidency! And that has been the order of things for the most part with the occasional General of the Army breaking the ranks. It always was a precarious balance between tyranny in it's many forms and democracy but America always managed to walk that fine line until now, our Constitution being the bulwark of our existence. Now that Constitution, our very Republic as we know it, is in jeopardy! And most of use, me included, fiddle while America burns!

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