Friday, November 16, 2012

Economic Wizards!

Reduce the bloated deficit by massive tax increases! Now there is a novel solution to our fiscal problems! A brilliant concept worthy of our Socialism bent administration. Support the takers of our society at all cost while diminishing the rewards of the productive makers. Brilliant indeed: a win/win for the Marxist of our governing regime? The subterfuge, there are simply not enough makers to sustain the takers indefinitely, and we are at the tipping point NOW! Only the government bureaucrats, like their entertainment industry brethren before them will be afforded the opportunity to pull up the stakes and abandon the good ole US of A for greener pastures. Not unlike what happen in microcosm here in the northeast-,those who fled Massachusetts' oppressive tax climate for New Hampshire only to impose their political mores on that state for the worst: witness their preferences this election past!

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