Wednesday, November 21, 2012

.......get the picture now?!

Their should be no question in your mind, that as a result of this election President Obama concludes he has a mandate to expand our welfare state more aggressively-, feeling less encumbered by former opposition! This is the unfinished business he is referring to that he plans to finish in his second term. If indeed he does, we are finished! It appears a significant number of our citizenry are willing to trade liberty and freedom for government subsistence! The American Dream is now apparently one of getting on the government dole to one favorable degree or another... the more favorable the better -, self respect; ambition for a better life through opportunity and hard work be damned! The low road of least resistance is to be striven for at the cost of others. The inevitable catch 22 however: A new class of Americans, the nouveau-poor, and the promise of civil war! Now you know I hope that never comes to pass but I can't see the "makers" as I call them, stand still much longer watching the "takers" benefit from their sweat equity! As I alluded to in previous blogs not a conventional civil war mind you, but one of economic attrition! The makers will find a way to balance the scales in their favor perhaps with a little less patriotism and benevolence,but one that best preserves the spirit of a free society; free enterprise; a country willing to make sacrifices for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Wait for it...........!

....a parting shot: at the time of this blog: the middle-east burns while our President bows and scraps in Myanmar. Well my Jewish brethren you got what you voted for, the second coming of Neville Chamberlain with an Islamic bent! I wish us all a reflective Thanksgiving.

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