Monday, November 19, 2012

Michelle, Michelle!

As Michelle Obama proffered on the occasion of her husbands election in '08 " I've never been so proud of my country" or words to that effect. Well Michelle let me tell you I have never been so ashamed of my country under your husbands leadership. And to think I am to face another four years of his mismanagement, with only the certainty to watch him, four years hence strut off in the sunset of this once great nation of ours. It is gut wrenching! I am overwhelmed by his divisive rhetoric, his pandering to America's detractors, his lack of patriotism and pride of America's history and accomplishments, his endless denial of a hand in any of America's misfortunes, his haplessness in offering any meaningful course correction to our floundering economy, our burgeoning debt, our waning international reputation. Most of all I resent his lying to the American people for political gain. We have not turned the corner, we do not have any reasonable prospect for turning the corner in the foreseeable future. America is stuck in a malaise of his making! Not just a political change, or ideological change mind you, but a cultural  change unbecoming of a nation of our heritage, of the intent and purpose of our founding principals. A heritage and principals he is apparently oblivious too! 

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